What Are The Types Of Plant Growth Lamps?

1. Incandescent lamp

Incandescent lamps belong to the first generation of electric light sources. Because of their high heat and lack of red and blue spectra required by plants for photosynthesis, they are not suitable for plant lighting.

2. Fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent lamp is a low-pressure mercury lamp, which is often referred to as fluorescent lamp, and belongs to the second generation light source. The fluorescent lamp designed according to the photosynthesis and chlorophyll absorption spectrum lines required by plant growth mainly relies on the ultraviolet light generated by discharge to stimulate the phosphor to emit blue and red spectrum lines to promote plant growth. For a long time, the light efficiency of fluorescent growth is low; Solid mercury containing heavy metals is easy to cause secondary pollution to the environment; Large and bulky; Lacking the red light spectrum required by plants, it is generally used in the seedling stage of plants.

3. High pressure sodium lamp

High pressure sodium lamp belongs to the third generation lighting source, which is composed of mercury, sodium, glass shell, xenon arc tube wick, degassing agent lamp cap, ballast, etc. Its spectral energy distribution is red orange light, yellow green light and blue violet light; The lighting angle is 360 °, and a reflector needs to be installed to let the light shine on the designated area; High luminous efficiency and strong penetration ability; It belongs to the thermal light source. During the light filling process, heat will be generated, and the plants will be burned by close-up irradiation; Poor lighting continuity; Containing toxic metal mercury, the safety is low, but it is accepted by the majority of users due to its moderate price.

4. Led plant growth lamp

As the fourth generation semiconductor light source, LED is mainly composed of light distribution system, heat dissipation system and drive circuit. Its luminous angle is divided into ≤ 180 °, 180 ° ~ 300 ° and ≥ 300 °. As a profeesinal led grow lamp manufacturer, we can provide plant growth lamps with various luminous angles through scientific light distribution design; It can emit monochromatic light with narrow light wave, such as red, green, blue, orange, etc. according to the needs of plant growth, it can provide different light formulas of full spectrum and red blue spectrum of sunlight like light; Led adopts solid semiconductor chip as light-emitting material, with small light attenuation, energy saving and long life; As a solid-state light source, there is no heat radiation in the process of supplementary light irradiation. For example, the LED plant growth lamp used in Yunnan Kunming rose base does not need to worry about plant burns.