Using Plant LED Growth Lights Can Help Control the Environment and Save Costs

Whether to use HPS or LED for commercial cannabis cultivation has always been a dilemma. Many people know that LED lights are superior to HPS, although more durable, but the initial investment cost is higher. What many people don't know is that LEDs are creating greater profit margins for growers in terms of environmental control in cultivation. This is why within a short four-year period, the percentage of growers using the LED growth light has increased from 21% to more than 60% in all stages of cultivation.

The advantages of plant LED growth light

The pursuit of marijuana cultivation is high yield, and high yield depends on a stable and controllable growing environment. LED smart plant light has the following advantages in assisting environmental control:

Save HVAC equipment costs and better manage low steam pressure:

The heat dissipation of LED lights is much less than HPS. On the one hand, it can save HVAC equipment costs and electricity costs.

On the other hand, when HPS lights are turned on and off, the temperature fluctuates greatly. Another key link in cultivation is VPDM. When the temperature fluctuates greatly, if HVAC cannot adjust quickly enough, it can easily cause high or low VPD, which hinders plant growth. However, using LED lights is more conducive to controlling the temperature quickly, stabilizing the temperature, and maintaining stable VPD.

Reduce the use of chemicals:

We know that light of a specific wavelength can kill viruses or bacteria, but it is safe for humans and plans, such as 405nm.

Because LED wholesale plant grow light can custom emit light of specific wavelengths, they can have the advantage of sterilization, creating a healthy environment for plant growth, reducing the use of chemicals, and bringing stable organic production.

Accurate light strategy control:

Earlier we shared different types of plants/ different cultivation varieties of the same plant, and the light spectrum and light intensity requirements of plants in different growth stages are different.

The spectrum of HPS lights is fixed and cannot provide the most suitable spectrum. However, the spectrum of the LED growth lamp can be customized. However, most of the time, the spectrum can only be customized in the factory and not suitable for every grower.

How full spectrum LED growth lights can save costs for commercial cultivation?

Commercial cannabis cultivation always pursues the best cultivation environment. Because plants have different preferences for spectra and light intensity at different growth stages, when using traditional LED lights, we often adopt the following two methods:

  • Replace or adjust the grow lights of plants in different growth stages. For example, when plants are approaching the flowering stage, add a separate 730nm far red light.

  • Set different planting rooms and install full spectrum LED growth lights with different spectra. For example, one room is used for seeding, one room is used for plant cultivation, and one room is used for flowering. Then in different growth stages of plants, move them from one room to another.