400w Led Grow Light

400w Led Grow Light

The effect of light on plants is very important. Sunlight is the ideal light source. But sunlight cannot be controlled because of weather change, and plants doesn't use all wavelengths of sunlight.

Therefore, Feton 400w led full spectrum grow light selects the most suitable full spectrum in accordance with scientific research. Each LED diodes emits light that improves the quality of plant growth. A 400W LED grow light is a type of light fixture used for indoor plant cultivation. It utilizes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce artificial light that mimics the spectrum of natural sunlight, providing plants with the necessary light energy for photosynthesis. Thereby increasing production and profit.

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400 Watt Grow Lamp Applications

Commercial cannabis cultivation: 400 watt Full spectrum LED grow lights are commonly used in large-scale cannabis cultivation facilities. These lights provide the optimal light spectrum for cannabis growth at different stages, from seedling to flowering, resulting in higher yields and better quality buds. 

Indoor vegetable and herb gardens: 400 watt LED grow lights are ideal for indoor gardens where vegetables and herbs are grown. They can provide the necessary light spectrum for plants to photosynthesize and grow, allowing people to grow their own fresh produce year-round. 

Flowering plants: 400w Full spectrum LED grow lights are used to promote flowering and blooming in various types of plants, such as roses, orchids, and hibiscus. These lights emit the right balance of red and blue light that stimulates flower production.

Hydroponics: Made by wholesale grow lamp suppliers, 400 watt grow lamps are essential in hydroponic systems, where plants are grown in water-based solutions. They provide the necessary light energy for photosynthesis, allowing plants to grow without relying on soil. 

Seed starting: 400w grow light LED are commonly used for starting seeds indoors. They provide the ideal light spectrum and intensity needed for seedlings to develop strong roots and healthy leaves, ensuring a successful transplanting process. 

Supplemental lighting in greenhouses: 400w full spectrum led grow lights can be used as supplemental lighting in greenhouses to provide additional light during periods of low natural sunlight. These advanced led grow lights can help maintain optimal plant growth and prevent stretching or stunted growth in plants. 

Research and experimentation: 400 watt grow lights are often used in scientific research and experimentation on plant growth and development. They allow researchers to control and manipulate the light spectrum, intensity, and photoperiod to study the effects on plant physiology. 

Orchid cultivation: 400 watt LED grow lights are popular among orchid enthusiasts. Orchids have specific light requirements, and full spectrum LED lights can provide the necessary spectrum and intensity for optimal growth and blooming. 

Indoor vertical farming: 400w LED grow lights are crucial in indoor vertical farming setups, where plants are grown in stacked layers or vertically. These lights ensure that plants receive adequate light throughout their growth, even in crowded or shaded environments. 

Terrariums and vivariums: 400 watt full spectrum LED grow lights are used to provide artificial light for creating optimal conditions in terrariums and vivariums. These lights support the growth of various plants, mosses, and other organisms within these enclosed habitats.

How 400 watt Grow Lamp Smart Control Works

As a professional LED grow light distributor, we show the features and functionality of the Ultra Light 400 Watt Grow Light and its accompanying mobile app in this video. The video highlights the light's full spectrum and its ability to simulate natural sunlight, which can help plants grow better. 

We also demonstrate how to use the mobile app to control the light's settings, such as brightness and color temperature, remotely. The app also provides information on the light's usage, including energy consumption and the number of hours it has been in use. 

400w Led Grow Light Performance Advantages
Higher PPFD

Grouped two basic units of 200W grow light. Covering the bigger growing area with higher PPFD.


Our 400 watt full spectrum led grow light is quick to deploy with a simple connection way. Easy to use via smart mobial device APP.

Patented LED Diode Tech

Patented LED diode tech, each diode is full spectrum same recipe, ultra-high spectral consistency, taking care of plants in different place

Intelligent Control System Supports

Timing switch, spectrum adjustment, light intensity adjustment, wireless control.

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