Track Light UVWL30TLXX93

Track Light UVWL30TLXX93

Feton track light of Ultra Light series is using the advanced LED chip. Different from conventional track light, it’s with disinfection function and remain high CRI. Suitable for food storage or keep the surface clean.

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track lighting grow lights
track light grow lights
track lighting grow lights
track light grow lights

Specification of Track Light UVWL30TLXX93

ModelInput VoltagePowerBeam AngleCCTCRISIZEPackage
Track  light UVWL30TLXX93AC220-240V30W15°

How Track Light UVWL30TLXX93 Smart Control Works

Track light smart control integrates track lighting systems with smart technology, allowing users to remotely control and adjust the lighting settings using a smartphone or other compatible devices. It involves installing track lighting fixtures along a track, connecting them to a smart control module or hub, and setting up a smartphone app to control the lights wirelessly. Users can turn the lights on or off, adjust brightness, and even change color or temperature. Automation, scheduling, and integration with voice assistants further enhance convenience and energy efficiency. Produced by Feton, our antimicrobial LED lighting work smartly and conveniently.

Tracklight Applications

Track lights have a wide range of applications in various settings, including:

Residential Lighting: Track lights can be used in homes to provide versatile and adjustable lighting options. They can be used to highlight artwork, accentuate architectural features, or provide general illumination in living rooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. 

Retail Spaces: Track lights are commonly used in retail settings like clothing stores, boutiques, and showrooms. They allow for flexible and adjustable lighting to highlight specific products or areas of the store, creating an attractive and visually appealing display. 

Galleries and Museums: Track lights are a popular choice for art galleries and museums. They provide precise and directional lighting, allowing artwork and exhibits to be properly showcased with optimal illumination while minimizing glare and shadows. 

Hospitality and Restaurants: Track light such as UV hospital light is frequently used in hotels, restaurants, and bars to create a desired ambiance and highlight specific areas such as seating, bar counters, or artwork. These lights can be adjusted to different settings for various times of day or special events. 

Office Spaces: Track lights are useful in office environments to provide efficient task lighting. UV light for office space can be customized to individual workstations or meeting areas, ensuring optimal lighting and reducing eye strain for employees. 

Exhibition and Trade Shows: Track lights are often utilized in exhibition and trade show booths to focus attention on products or displays. They allow for flexibility in adjusting the lighting according to different requirements and aesthetics. 

Hospitality and Event Venues: Track lights are commonly used in event venues such as conference centers, ballrooms, and banquet halls. They can be adjusted to match different event themes, creating the desired atmosphere and highlighting key features. 

Performance Advantages of Track Light UVWL30TLXX93
Disinfection Effect

Spotlight lamp, better disinfection effect for surface.

No Harm

Our antimicrobial light is no harm to human eyes or skin, avaliable for long time continuous sterilization.

High CRI & R9

High CRI & R9 for rendering colors accurately and allows the thing under lighting looks attractive. Full kelvin color temperature range from warm to cold.

Keeps Food Fresh

It keeps food fresh in longer time, lower the speed of spoilage and reduce the food-borne diseases.

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