COB SW1919-40W-40FR90

COB SW1919-40W-40FR90

405nm is widely using in disinfection, bacterial disease cure,or microbial infection prevention etc. It does no harm to human. But it's blue not friendly for eye view.

Feton LED chip model COB SW1919-40W-40FR90 emits this disinfection blue light as white. Lighting while disinfection: Lowing risk of infection happens in the public environment

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cob led chips
commercial grow lights for plants
cob led chips
commercial grow lights for plants

SW1919-40W-40FR90 40W COB LED Specification 

Model NO.Power(W)VF(V)IF(mA)CCT(K)CRI(Ra)Efficacy(lm/W)Lumen(lm)
COB SW1919-40W-40FR904036-391000Full CCT>90100-1104000-4200

Smart Control of COB SW1919-40W-40FR90

To control a 40 watt COB LED, you will need a driver that can handle the power requirements of the LED.

Once you have a suitable driver, you can use a smart control system to control the LED's brightness and other parameters. Here are some options for smart control:

  1. PWM Dimmer: A pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimmer can be used to adjust the brightness of the LED by adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM signal. PWM dimmers are available in a variety of formats, including standalone units and integrated circuits (ICs).

  2. Digital Potentiometer: A digital potentiometer can be used to adjust the LED's brightness by varying the resistance of the potentiometer. This is a simple and cost-effective solution that does not require any complex programming.

  3. Microcontroller: A microcontroller can be used to control the LED's brightness and other parameters, such as color and effects. This solution requires programming knowledge and the use of suitable development tools and hardware.

  4. Smart Lighting Systems: Smart lighting systems can be used to control the LED's brightness and other parameters through a smartphone app or voice commands. These systems often use a hub or gateway device to communicate with the LED driver and other smart devices in the home. Examples of smart lighting systems include Philips Hue, LIFX, and Wiz.

Ultimately, the choice of smart control solution will depend on the specific requirements of your application and your level of expertise in programming and electronics.

COB SW1919-40W-40FR90 Performance Advantages
100% no UVC

405nm wavelength as peak in sprctrum for sterilization, 100% no UVC.

True Color

Our 40 watt cob led is full range CCT & High CRI, reveal true color


As a leading UV LED chip supplier, an SGS sterilization test certificate is available.


EN62471: 2008 certificate avaliable

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