200w Led Grow Light

200w Led Grow Light

Feton Ultra Plant™ 200W LED grow light:

The new generation with sel-developed patented LED tech developed by grow light company.

It outperforms 99% of conventional LED grow light.

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Specification of 200W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

ProductUltra Plan™ Grow
Input VoltageAC100-277V
Power Factor>0.96
PPF255.6μmol/s (400nm-700nm)
PPE2.13μmol/s (400nm-700nm)
Beam Angle90°
MaterialDie-Casting Aluminum+PMMA
Product Size360x360x60mm (14.2"x14.2"x2.4")
G.W4.4KG (9.7lbs
CTN size400x400x175mm (15.7"x15.7"x6.9")
G.W.10.2KG (22.5lbs)
Qualification &   Warranty

Adjustable Grow Light

Adjustable Grow Light Stand

Adjustable Spectrum Led Grow Lights

200W Grow Light Applications

1. Indoor gardening: 200w grow lights are commonly used in indoor gardens to provide artificial light for plants. They can be used to grow a wide range of plants including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and even small trees. 

2. Hydroponics: LED grow lights 200 watt are essential in hydroponic systems, where plants are grown in a soilless medium and receive all their nutrients through a water solution. Since there is no natural sunlight in hydroponics, grow lights are used to provide the necessary light energy for photosynthesis. 

3. Seed starting: 200w LED grow lights are ideal for starting seeds indoors. They provide a consistent source of light that helps seedlings grow stronger and faster. This is especially useful in regions with short growing seasons or for those who want to extend the growing season.

4. Supplemental lighting: Provided by grow lights China supplier, 200w LED full spectrum grow lights can be used as supplemental lighting in greenhouses or in areas with limited natural sunlight. They can provide extra light to help plants grow more vigorously and improve overall plant health. 

5. Houseplants: 200 watt full spectrum LED grow lights such as 200w grow lights can be used to provide additional light for houseplants that receive limited sunlight indoors. This can help houseplants thrive and maintain their health, even in low-light areas.

6. Research and experimentation: Full spectrum grow lamps are often used in scientific research to study plant growth and development. They allow scientists to manipulate the light spectrum and intensity to better understand how it affects various aspects of plant physiology. 

7. Urban farming: Wholesale grow lights are increasingly being used in urban farming initiatives to grow fresh produce in indoor environments. They allow urban farmers to overcome the limitations of limited space and lack of natural sunlight.

How 200w Led Grow Light Smart Control Works

A 200W LED grow light with smart control typically uses advanced technology to optimize and customize the lighting conditions for indoor plants. Here's a general overview of how it works:

1. LED Configuration: The 200W LED smart plant light consists of multiple high-power LED chips arranged in an optimal configuration. These LEDs emit light in specific wavelengths, usually targeting the red and blue spectrum, which are essential for photosynthesis.

2. Smart Control System: The smart control system allows the user to adjust various parameters like light intensity, spectrum, and timing according to the plant's growth stage. It can be operated through a mobile app or a control panel. 

3. Spectrum Control: Different growth stages require different light spectrums. The smart control system allows the user to adjust the ratio of red and blue LEDs to provide the ideal spectrum for vegetative growth, flowering, or fruiting stages.

4. Intensity Control: The intensity of light required by plants varies during different growth stages. The smart control system lets the user adjust the light output to provide the optimum intensity level for the plants.

5. Timing Control: Plants require a specific amount of light exposure per day. The smart control system allows the user to set a timer for the LED grow light to turn on and off at precise intervals to simulate natural daylight cycles.

6. Environmental Sensors: Some advanced smart control systems may include environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors to monitor and adjust the lighting conditions based on the plant's needs.

7. Remote Monitoring and Control: With smart control, users can monitor and control the LED grow light remotely through a mobile app or online platform. This allows for easy monitoring and adjustment even when the user is away from the grow space.

Performance Advantages of 200w Led Grow Light
Self-owned Patented Led Diode

Each diode is with full sepctrum instead of using various colors of LED diodes to make full spectrum. Each plant under the light received the same spectrum to have the biggest harvest of all plants.

Real-full Spectrum

UV/Far-Red/Blue/Deep Red/Green/Red in each diode.

Unlimited Light Recipes

Currently only the big watt model with spectrum adjustable function. Ultra plant™, even the 150w with that function, allow grower to own unlimited light recipes.

Smart Control App

As one of the most professional LED grow lights wholesale distributors, smart control App allow to do lighting management conveniently

Modular Design

Multi 150w units can group up to be a bigger watt model for bigger coverage or higher dli.

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