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Feton is an innovative China led grow lights company. 

Based on 10 years+ LED business experience, we developed our patented wholesale led grow lights series: 

Ultra LightTM for Human Healthy、Ultra PlantTM for Plant Growth

Our LED grow lights utilize advanced LED technology to provide full-spectrum lighting for your plants, mimicking the natural sunlight they need to thrive. With a range of customizable options, including intensity and spectrum, you can create the perfect growing environment for any type of plant, whether you're growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers.

But that's not all, our LED grow lights are also energy-efficient, using significantly less energy than traditional grow lights while producing more light per watt. This means you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, all while growing healthy, vibrant plants.

In addition, our antimicrobial LED lighting technology offers a powerful new way to keep your environment clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. Using a combination of UV-C and visible light, our antimicrobial lights can kill up to 99.9% of germs in the air and on surfaces, helping to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Whether you're growing plants indoors or simply want to keep your home or workplace safe and healthy, professional China led grow lights factory's LED grow lights and antimicrobial light technology are the perfect solution. 

Why Feton As Your LED Grow Lights Factory

Why Feton As Your LED Grow Lights Factory

As a wholesale China LED grow lights company, our strict quality management system focuses on regular risk assessment and continuous improvement via internal and external audits, management review and progress monitoring. All quality management teams and activities within the led grow light factory are integrated by promoting full quality management, implementing our business principles, and achieving our objectives.

Feton's LED Grow & Antimicrobial Light FAQs

What is an antimicrobial LED?

As all know that, light with a specific wavelength has disinfection function like UVC or far-UVC 222nm. Feton antimicrobial LED is the UV free light which uses 405nm for disinfection.

405nm has been used in the medical/food safety field for many years, but 405nm is blue-violet visible light, and the naked eye experience is not good, so it has not been used in civil and commercial fields before.

As a leading China LED grow lights factory, our antimicrobial LED lighting is to make 405nm white light like ordinary lighting, so that it can enter people's daily life with the dual function of general lighting and continuous protection.

What differentiates Feton Ultra Plant™ grow lights from others?

1. Special LED diode. Ultra Plant™ uses self-owned patented LEDs that each LED diode is real full spectrum including UV/Far-Red/Blue/Deep Red/Green/Red in each diode.

2. High Spectrum Uniformity. Based on the 1st point, each place under the LED grow light fixtures is with same light recipe. Comparing the the conventional way which made with various colors of LED diodes, spectrum of different place under light fixture is different.

3. Dimmable spectrum. Ultra Plant™ has 4 independent channels. Each channel is 100% dimmable.

4. Programmable management. Ultra Plant™ smart control system allows growers to schedule the working mode(including lighting period, recipe customized etc) of grow light with wireless single/group lights.

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