Tips for Planting Marijuana Using Plant LED Growth Light

More and more people are trying to grow marijuana by themselves. However, marijuana is a light-loving plant, and in many places, the lighting conditions are not sufficient. At the same time, regulations often require growers to "hide" the location of their marijuana plants. Therefore, artificial light sources are essential, and LED, with its perfect spectrum and low temperature advantages, is becoming more and more mainstream.

Technique one for growing marijuana with plant LED growth light

When your plant is in the seedling stage after germination, you need to turn on the LED grow lamp. Note that the seedling stage lighting cannot be too strong or too weak, you need to adjust the growth intensity. There are generally two ways: one is to adjust the distance between the light and the plant, and the other is through the control system on the light (if your plant light has one).

Another important point is Daily Light Integral (DLI), which is related to the light time/light cycle and the light intensity of the lamp. At this stage, the general lighting time of intelligent plant lights is 18 hours per day, and 6 hours of darkness.

Technique two for growing marijuana with plant LED growth light

After the seedling stage, the plant enters the growth stage. At this time, pay attention to increasing DLI, and the light cycle is generally set to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

Another important point is that when you increase the DLI, pay attention to coordinating the growth environment, such as increasing carbon dioxide concentration and sufficient nutrients, to ensure that the plant can make full use of the power of light made by grow light company.

Technique three for growing marijuana with plant LED growth light

When the plant reaches a certain height, you can induce flowering by changing the light cycle, which mimics the seasonal changes in nature.

The flowering period is generally set to a light cycle of 12 hours/12 hours. The key is to maintain absolute darkness during the dark period. Once the dark period is interrupted by light, satisfactory results cannot be expected.

In fact, experienced growers will intentionally switch to lights with a higher proportion of red light during the flowering period to increase yield.

In summary, to grow good marijuana flowers, growers need to switch the lights on and off every day to control the light cycle and adjust the light intensity at different stages. Experienced growers will also use lights with different spectra according to the growth stage. According to research, even the best lighting strategy for different marijuana strains can vary.

Therefore, this is a complex and repetitive process that requires growers to invest a lot of time and energy. However, there is a way to reduce the operating costs and risks of planting failures for growers.

That is to set it up and let the robot execute it perfectly. Our intelligent LED growth lamp can adjust and automate changes in spectrum, intensity, and operating time, making planting easier and easier to harvest.