Advantages and Performance of LED Downlights and Precautions for Purchasing

The LED downlight is a lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling that emits light downwards (also known as the LED ceiling spotlight). LED downlight is a kind of directional lighting fixture, only the opposite side can receive light, the beam angle is concentrated, the light is concentrated, and the contrast between light and dark is strong. The illuminated objects are more prominent and brighter, bringing out a quiet environment. Generally applicable to shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings, and business halls.

Ⅰ. The advantages and performance of LED downlights

1. Energy-saving installation of LED downlights. T5/T8/T103014/5630/3020T5LED downlights are relatively energy-efficient. Generally, the electric power is within 20W, while the traditional energy-saving lamp consumes 38W-45W. Therefore, LED lighting fixtures can save more than 60% energy than traditional light sources, and are a very good energy-saving product.

2. The installation of LED downlight has low light attenuation. Generally, the light source of the LED downlight adopts a lens LED with low light decay and high brightness. Generally, the light decay of a good LED downlight is generally less than 30% after working for 10,000 hours.

3. The LED downlight has high brightness. High-quality LED downlights produced by led downlight supplier generally use large-size chips as lenses, and the light efficiency reaches 98 lumens per watt, so the lighting brightness is relatively large, and the light is relatively soft, so the decorative effect is particularly good.

4. LED downlights are environmentally friendly. Generally, the light emitted by the LED light source has no radiation such as ultraviolet light and infrared light, and the lamp does not contain harmful substances such as mercury. Traditional light sources contain harmful substances such as mercury and have certain radioactivity, but when using LED light sources, you don't have to consider these at all.

5. LED downlights have a long service life. High-quality LED downlights use lens-type 3020LED light sources, so the lamp life can be as long as 20,000 hours or more, and can be used for more than 6 or 8 years based on 8 hours a day, while the life of traditional light sources generally does not exceed 6,000 hours. Is this more economical? Because you no longer need to change light bulbs frequently.

6. The LED downlight protects the eyes. Because the LED downlight is powered by a constant current power supply when the LED downlight is instalLED, the light emitted by the light source is not stroboscopic and will not hurt the eyes. However, traditional downlights have stroboscopic and anti-seismic properties, and are not as fragile as traditional downlights. You can rest assured when transporting this type of lamps.

Ⅱ. Points for attention in the purchase of LED downlights

In addition to materials and driving force, the selection of LED downlights should also pay attention to the quality of the lamp beads. The quality of the lamp beads determines the lighting effect of the lamp, and the packaging process affects key factors such as the quality of the lamp beads and heat dissipation. The heat dissipation speed determines the light attenuation degree and service life of the LED downlight. If the heat sink is too small, high temperature will accumulate inside the light source, and the lamp beads will work at high temperature for a long time, the light decays quickly and the service life is short. Therefore, when choosing LED downlights, it is recommended that you choose an aluminum shell, because aluminum has a higher heat dissipation coefficient and faster heat dissipation, which can ensure the normal lighting of the LED downlight.