Is It Better To Choose Full Spectrum Or Red Blue Spectrum For Led Plant Growth Lamp?

The LED plant growth lamp is designed to supplement the light to the plants in the places where there is no light, so as to reduce the influence of weather on the photosynthesis of plants, resulting in the disease of leaves in the growing environment. But for most growers, the LED plant growth lamp has a variety of spectra. Is it better to choose full spectrum or red and blue light?

First of all, we need to know that red light can promote the flowering and fruit bearing of plants, and blue light can promote the growth of plants. This is the band range that is specifically studied according to the influence of the spectrum of sunlight on plants. Led plant lamp beads chips mainly include red light beads, blue light beads and full-spectrum lamp beads. The main role of red light on plants is to regulate the Photoperiod of plants and affect the flowering and Fruiting of plants. The main role of blue light is to affect the movement of leaves and plastids, promote the growth of stems and leaves, and inhibit the flowering and Fruiting of plants to a certain extent.

There are only two kinds of spectra of red and blue light in the red and blue light plant lamp, while the full spectrum grow lamp simulates the sunlight. The spectrum is the same as the sunlight, and the light emitted is white light. Both of them have the function of supplementing light and promoting plant growth, but different crops should pay attention to selecting the most suitable spectrum when selecting the spectrum.

For example, when growing lettuce, the lettuce is a plant whose stems and leaves are used by human beings. The purpose is of course to select a lighting scheme to stimulate the increase of stem and leaf quality and output. The proportion of blue light beads in LED plant lights can be appropriately increased. Another example: tomato planting, our purpose is to eat large, round, healthy and green high-quality tomatoes, that is, during the planting process, we should aim at stimulating their blooming and bearing fruit. At this time, the proportion of red lamp beads of LED plant light can be appropriately increased. The ratio of red and blue lamp beads of LED plant lamp plant growth lamp is roughly between red: blue = (6-9): 1. Different lamp beads are selected according to the needs and uses of different plants. Sometimes a small amount of green lamp beads are mixed into the LED plant lamp, whose main function is to adjust the comfort of light and protect the naked eye.

For the crops and flowers that need to be colored, it is best to use red and blue light plant lamps to color, promote flowering and fruit, and increase production. For leafy vegetables, full spectrum plant lamps can be used. If you plant plants at home, you'd better choose a full spectrum plant lamp, because the light of the red and blue plant lamp is pink.

Whether to choose a full spectrum led plant lamp or a red blue plant lamp depends on the spectrum demand, light efficiency, power, growth stage and cycle of plants. It is most important to find a formula solution suitable for plants.