New Product Launch — Ultra Plant™

Since our founding in 2011, with the goal of bringing the minimum cost of supply chain to customers, we keep trade-knowledge-sharing for thousands of followers and partners, and have provided more than $10 million in products and service annually to customers in over 50 countries worldwide, in the fields of home appliances, lighting, household, etc.

Start from 2020, under global widespread pandemic, based on LED  R&D strength and supply chain management capability, we have developed the patented Ultra Air, Ultra Light, Ultra Forest, the series of help people live, work safer to fight against this pandemic.

We keep moving.

On 3 Nov. 2021, Feton marched into agricultural LED and launch a new product, called Ultra Plant™. As we notice, traditional grow lights have so-called Full Spectrum, but in fact, the distribution is not uniform and spectrum is not completed on every leaf, every plant. We and our Ultra Plant™ can give you something different.

1. All-In-One Technology

Compared with so-called Full Spectrum, Ultra Plant adopts All-In-One Technology in agricultrual lighting. This technology means every light source can irradiate all the spectrums that plants need in growth. Ultra TPlant can greatly improve the light and spectrum distribution and let every leaf on plants can equally receive sufficient and efficient lighting.

2. Adjustable Spectrum

Ultra Plant™ offers 4 adjustable channels in UV, White, Deep Red and Far Red. Users can flexibly adjust the spectrums in need according to the plants you grow and how the plants grow to better the growth.

Feton insists on innovation to provide more value to customers and expanded Ultra Health product lines

In 2021, Feton insists on innovation to provide more value to customers and expanded Ultra Health product lines, including

Ultra Air: Adding disinfection function for the air conditioner

Ultra Light: Antimicrobial light with dual fucntions of general lighting and air/surface disinfection at the same time. 100% UV-free and human harmless.

It’s widely applied to home, hospital, school, office, hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, movie theater and other life scenes to provide all-round protection to the present.