Why Can LED Growth Lights Help Plants Grow?

LED grow lights are called "little suns" for indoor planting, which can help plants grow in low-light environments. So why do LED growth lights help plants grow?

1. The reason why LED growth lights can help plants grow

As a kind of energy, plants provide materials and energy for their own growth and development through photosynthesis, which affects the formation of assimilative force, stomata opening, enzyme activation, etc. in the process of photosynthesis. At the same time, as an external signal, light affects many aspects of plant growth and development, such as tropism, phototropism, gene expression, and seed germination, so light is crucial to plant growth.

The red light spectrum can promote the elongation of plant roots, promote the synthesis of carbohydrates, and promote the synthesis of vitamin C and sugar in fruits, but inhibit nitrogen assimilation. The blue light spectrum is a necessary supplement to the red light quality, and it is also a necessary light quality for crop growth, which is conducive to improving the synthesis of oxides, including the control of stomata and the phototropism of stem extension. It is based on the influence of light on plants and the "preference" of plants to light, led growth lights use scientific and technological means to replace sunlight with artificial light. According to the plant species, we can tailor the light formula for different plants to meet the light needs of different stages of plant growth, flowering, and fruiting.

2. The use of LED growth lights

LED growth lights are used in plant factories, greenhouses, flower greenhouses, bedroom breeding and other places that need supplementary light. LED grow lights are widely used in greenhouse planting, tissue culture, induction of flowering, and prevention of seedling growth. The following aspects should be paid attention to during use:

For light distance control, it is generally recommended to control the top of the plant and the led grow light between 0.5m and 1m. This distance not only allows the plant to get sufficient light, but also the led grow light can illuminate a wider area. We should properly adjust the height of the led grow light according to the speed of plant growth, so as to control the LED growth lamp in the most reasonable fill light position.

For the control of the number of lights, the degree of supplementary light required by plants in each growth stage is different. The light required for the germination seedling stage is not very strong, so the distance of the plant lights can be increased, the number of LED growth lights can be reduced, and the waste of electricity can be avoided. When the plants are flowering and fruiting, the amount of light required will increase. In this case, the plant will be supplemented with LED growth lights according to the best lighting solution budgeted at the time of ordering.

Lighting time control, plants also have life and need to rest. Reasonable control of LED plant lights is also very important for plants' lighting time, generally no more than 16 hours. Too much, plants cannot rest normally, and will affect the synthesis of organic matter required for respiration.