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Shopping Mall lighting

Despite the many novel elements, the project nevertheless places great value on sustainability.

The structure of the existing walls remained extensively untouched, thereby reducing the quantity of building materials used.

Airport Lighting

We offer a wide range of lighting solutions such as energy saving green LED products and high mast columns. Helping airports to curb energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, functional lighting solutions guide passengers throughout the terminal and the large windows allow optimal use of natural light.

These enhance the softness of the architecture and its subtle contours through comfortable, mellow lighting.

FETON also is offering FREE lighting consultations to clients, advising how our new market leading products can make airports more sustainable and competitive due to reduced operating costs.

Industrial Lighting

With a commitment to choosing sustainable materials and minimising waste, the client wanted to improve the general light level throughout its workshop and warehouse to ensure workers had a high quality of light to work in.

In order to meet the above conditions, we helped the client chose H150 mining lamp (150W, 110 sets) instead of 400W metal halide lamp.

On the one hand, the H150 lamp adopts fin heat dissipation technology in design, which can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high power LED and ensure its stable operation in the ambient temperature of nearly 50 ° C.

On the other hand, the solar rhythm lighting technology used in the light source not only provides visual lighting, but also physiological lighting, which continuously provides a source of energy for workers. These designs enables the staff to work efficiently and safely.