LED plant growth lights are best for growing herbs/vegetables at home

For ordinary home vegetable or other plant cultivation, it is always difficult to obtain a consistent harvest or to wait a long time due to seasonal or weather constraints. But why do some people get healthy vegetables or plants quickly in the same climatic conditions?

A. Using plant led grow lights for growing

The secret is the plant grow light, which provides plenty of light every minute of the day. This keeps the plants growing efficiently. Whether or not you use grow lights when planting can have a big impact on growth cycle times. For some plants, the growing time can even be reduced by 1/2. The same effect can be achieved even in normal home growing. This is because the growing experiments we are going to share were carried out under normal home indoor conditions. Different wavelengths of light affect plants differently, and each plant and each stage of growth requires a different amount of light. Therefore, the ideal artificial light source should be able to be adjustable. The Feiteng 600 watt led grow light, combining photobiology and LED manufacturing technology, provides growers with the ideal lighting for plant growth.

B, the benefits of using plant led grow lights

In the growing experiment, we only made a full spectrum grow light for convenience. The vegetable planted was arugula. Two trays of arugula were placed side by side in the same room, using the same medium and seeds. For the first few days, there was no difference. Miraculously, after ten days or so, it was obvious that the arugula that had been tended by the plant light had grown and was ready to be harvested, while the arugula in natural light was still small. Arugula normally takes 30 to 40 days to grow to a harvestable stage under the same natural light and in the same environment. Now it only takes about 1/2 that time, just because of the added light source and no other changes.

Ever wondered why I can't always grow good plants or that growing is too much work and boredom for me? It's not really about the grower, it's about the weather. Although it is warm indoors, there may not be enough sunlight due to the lack of light indoors or the season. That's why a plant grow light can solve the worries and make it easy to grow healthy plants and enjoy the pleasure of a quick harvest.

Feton plant led grow lights are built for indoor home growing, with small wattage carrying APP intelligent control spectrum, custom switch or switch spectrum, working time, etc., allowing you to achieve multiple planting and zoning control. If you want to grow a larger area, simply add a model, Feton plant grow lights support multiple models with group control.